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Stress management has always been one of those things that I never quite mastered.

Make that, "one of those things I never mastered, at all."

Sometimes, that works in my favor*. I can't seem to get much done if there isn't a deadline looming over my head; my time-management skills are about as developed as those related to stress-management, and procrastination and I are lifelong friends. It almost seems like I can't get a handle on a project until it's due in barely enough time for me to get it finished, and suddenly, just as I'm beginning to panic-- WHAMMO, I know exactly what I'm doing. And then, I spend the next few days scribbling madly and drinking too much coffee.

I sort of think my muse is a sadistic little creature.

Regardless, being stressed out of my mind is more of a harm than a help, and I've tried to research ways to deal with it. Let's review some of this advice:

  • Eat a healthy diet. - That's a good one, but I already do that for the most part.

  • Exercise. - Also a good one, and something I admittedly need to work on.

  • Get enough sleep. - Clearly, whoever advises that does not have two small children-- which I do. (It's usually at this point that I begin muttering obscenities toward/about the authors of these articles under my breath.)

  • Meditate. - That would be nice. I'd also like to get enough sleep; please see point above.

  • Reduce stressors in your life. - This is where my muttered obscenities turn to hysterical laughter. It makes me think of this.

Needless to say, I guess I'll just have to take advantage of the stress that helps, get some more exercise, and stick to the darkest chocolate I can find.


* Digression 1: Or "favour," for my non-American friends. ;) Actually, I've always preferred the look of British spellings**, and I used them for years, until I began writing a now-scrapped novel and figured it wasn't worth the headache of editing them all out if I submitted it for publication. Plus, I didn't want to seem like a poser (not an entirely unfounded worry, since my sisters accused me of it... but then, they also tease me for saying things like, "blue jeans," which I maintain is a perfectly valid term, even for someone in my age bracket :P). Yet, I've also seen non-Americans saying that they hate the way our spellings look. I get why the American dictionary was made, and can completely respect and even sympathize with that. Still, I really like non-American English's "-ou-"s and "-ise"s. (Though, I'm up in the air about issues like "jewellery" and "aluminium". Having the words themselves be different throws me off, lol.)

** Digression 2: I also think the spellings, in part, lead to cooler pronunciations. Not to be a stereotypical accent junkie or anything, but I've always preferred more complex vowel sounds to flat ones. Which, I suppose, makes me a stereotypical accent junkie, after all. ;)
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