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Birthdate:Jun 14
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America
történet - Hungarian for "story," "tale," or "yarn"

there's a path somewhere in this wilderness
so I'm whittling my pen into a machete

i wandered into the wrong fairytale
going through a breakup

but picked up the best of companions along the way
mother of two amazing, awesome little ones, with a wonderful family and a handful of fantastic friends

and now i'm making a map
figuring out a job path after eight years at home with the kids, since I need to pay the bills
while rekindling my writing beyond just the personal projects i've done

which leads to the story that's truly mine
and god knows what that is!
i used to be a big historical romance reader, especially regency-era, but those don't really appeal to me anymore. i adore mysteries, gothics, and collections of regional ghost stories; and i love fairy tales, folktales, and legends, especially those from my (many) ethnic backgrounds-- bohemian, english, german, hungarian, irish, and scottish. favorite books include pretty much anything by barbara michaels/elizabeth peters (especially the vicky bliss books), stephanie bond's body movers series, tori carrington's sofie metropolis series, terry pratchett's discworld series, good omens by terry pratchett and neil gaiman, stephen r. donaldson's mordant's need duology, the princess bride by william goldman, and kay hooper's once a thief and always a thief.
i'm also a television fan; the shows i currently follow are merlin, fringe, once upon a time, grimm, psych, downton abbey, ringer, doctor who, supernatural, and ghost hunters and its spinoffs. i enjoy but am not caught up on the big bang theory, how i met your mother, him & her, person of interest, and modern family. past shows i can still talk include the bbc's robin hood, lost, crusoe, camelot, spooks (or mi-5, if you prefer), the inbetweeners, the tudors, teachers, black books, the it crowd, legend of the seeker, highlander: the series, the x-files, twin peaks, and any whedonverse show except dollhouse (and i'm not keen on where doctor horrible's singalong blog went).
favorite movies include the princess bride, the quiet man, clue, monty python and the holy grail, charade, father goose, robin hood: men in tights, the indiana jones movies, clifford, hot fuzz, bridesmaids, the lord of the rings trilogy, the pirates of the caribbean flicks, and the original star wars films.
i can't specifically define my musical tastes, since they're so varied, but the stuff i listen to most often is upbeat rock from any decade. i'm not much of a fan of slow, moody, or melancholy music. i do love classical, and some soundtracks.
i'm also a history buff, with particular interest in regional history, the american civil war, and british history; as well as a love of art history, with a special fondness for the preraphaelite brotherhood and john william waterhouse.
i would love to live and work in the uk, especially england, but haven't found a way to make that happen yet.
past jobs held include videographer, cinema projectionist, senior editor for a small press, cinema manager, medieval faire souvenir wench, preschool/kindergarten aide, hot topic sales rep, and hospital diet clerk.
hobbies include photography, video editing, sewing (primarily costuming), baking, and crochet. I also love singing along in the car to my favorite songs, and karaoke when i get the chance, and i've learned to dabble in html-- this profile layout, and the graphic on the side, are my work (although i'll cheerfully admit that the graphic was primarily the work of the picture tube tool in paintshop pro). i'm not bad at the bass in beatles rock band for the wii, i'm a total munchkin player in any sort of game, i played violin for ten years and know enough goshin jutsu to hit something properly (which i've fortunately never had to do). i'm a deft hand with a staple gun and a fair-to-middling hand with a paintbrush (when it comes to housepainting; i'm a lousy original artist-- but good at working with existing materials). terrified of spiders. possess double-jointed fingers. i was once not bad at reading runes and palms, but never quite mastered tea leaves or tarot. love mint chocolate chip ice cream, hate the color mustard yellow (yes, those are related).


All icons are from photographs taken by me, unless otherwise noted.

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